September 21, 2012

By request

Not growing up reading C.S. Lewis + no patience for or interest in Christian symbolism = "I don't care about Narnia..."

Except, of course, for this.

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  1. 1. This RULZ. Don't know how I missed it at first post.

    2. The Young Ones also RULZ, especially the People's Poet, Rik. Also TYO RULZ because it is sooooooooooo boring and also perfect.

    3. Narnia RULZ, even with all the Christianity. Can you believe I read all the books multiple times as a young one myself, and did not realize that OH RIGHT ASLAN IS JESUS AND THE BAD GUYS ARE "MUSLIM"?

    4. That brings me to my main point, and the point of MPP, I think: AMBIGUITY IS PART OF CULTURE. DEAL WITH IT.

    5. And also pyramid studs.