January 31, 2012

YES I DID: Confessions, Round One

I was totally singing a U2* song in the shower the other day.  Guess which song or album and win a prize!

*I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally liked U2 in 5th grade.  I had many cassettes that I listened to A LOT (in rotation with Bon Jovi's "Slippery When Wet").  I tell you this because it reminds me of a friend I had who told me, in all seriously, that he was really into REM in college, before they were huge.  DUDE GRADUATED COLLEGE IN LIKE 2000 OR SOMETHING. This is all totally awesome.


  1. It was totally Sunday Bloody Sunday. Because that's the U2 song people always end up singing in the shower. I know. I've done... errrr... research.

    Yeah, that's the ticket. Research.

  2. Uhhhhh... "I Will Follow?"

    That's another big hit with "the kids"... if "the kids" refers to those of us who are no longer referred to as kids, even in quotes.

  3. You know, I DO like "I Will Follow." That and "Gloria" are the U2 songs I'd like to hear on the radio but never do.

    No one has guessed my song yet! That means everyone owes me blog posts and cake, right?