January 18, 2012

Is This Anything Other Than A Sign of the Apocalypse?

I am deeply troubled by this:


In fact, I'm speechless.  I DO love Niecy Nash, like any right-minded person*.  And Tina Yothers was great on Family Ties, especially when she grew taller than all her siblings combined**, like the episode with her band, Jen and the Permanent Waves

But, you know, a TV show whose premise is that women are objects to switch around?  And that in said switching, we all learn exactly what is wrong with them as wives and mothers (their "purpose," if objects can also be sex slaves)?  VOM!

Dare I watch it?  As of yet, no.

So, Good People of the Internet***, help a girl out.  Is this anything other than a sign of the apocalypse?  Help me unpack.

*By which I mean a person in her correct state of mind, not any kind of Libertarian or worse
**Again, I am not saying it is OK to mock (or laud) someone based on their height
***I hope this is you, dear reader

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