May 8, 2012

Stay Gold, Ponygirl

The rumors are true: Jay-Z and Beyonce totally did get a gold rocking horse for their baby*.

On one hand, of course, who cares?  They can do whatever they want with their money, and I guess the symbolism of the precious horse for the precious baby could be, you know, sweet.

On the other hand, celebrities provide opportunities for us to mock, judge, and otherwise measure our lives in comparison to theirs.  Unlike with our families, who also provide opportunities for us to MJAOMOLICTT, we rarely come out ahead.  But here, we might.

My problem with the gold rocking horse is that it is gross, and also seems uncomfortable.  Purely practical, this critique.

Other things this puts me in mind of, though?

The whole GIRLS AND HORSES thing.
The whole GIRLS AND GOLD thing.
The whole MODERN PARENTING THROUGH CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION thing, both bling and the "morally justified" eco-capitalism, which is blingier than bling and more judgemental.

Will I elaborate on the above list?  Maybe in the comments thread.  That's the best part of this blog, or at least of its roots in Facebook snarkiness shared among the principle players here.

*Yes, I know I am late to the party on this.  I have a very taxing schedule of candy, leopard nail polish stickers, and procrastination, so cut me some slack.

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